Training under the Belgian sun

Brussels Sophie GlaverbelSunny and warm weather finally made it to Belgium. Under temperatures reaching up to 36 degrees, Sophie continued her training for the mHealth Grand Tour, in and around Brussels this time.

Sophie shared with us a photo from one of her latest training sessions taken in front of the IDF Europe offices in Brussels, on her way back from a 3-hour bike ride.

The mHealth Grand Tour is fast approaching, with riders set to leave Brussels on 5 September to reach Barcelona on 19 September. For the tour, IDF Europe has partnered with TeamBG, a network of amateur athletes with diabetes from all over the world which aims is to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of sports for diabetes prevention and management. The IDF Europe/TeamBG team has now 20 riders taking part in the tour.


The cycling team going against type 1 diabetes

Team Novo Nordisk, the world's first all-diabetic cycling team.Professional cyclist Phil Southerland and Team Novo Nordisk – the world’s first cycling team of athletes with type 1 diabetes – are featured on The Guardian‘s website.

Read the inspiring article about Phil’s life experience and how cycling helped him dominate diabetes. For Phil, being fit is hugely important in warding off the complications associated with diabetes, and the mood-boosting powers of exercise can help people with diabetes feel in control.

Team Novo Nordisk will take part in the mHealth Grand Tour starting on 5 September in Brussels.

Photo source: Laurits Fischer-Hansen/Team Novo Nordisk