Day 3 & 4: Biking through Germany and France

_79D4171After two very demanding first days of the mHealth Grand Tour, the team rode through Germany from Saarbrucken to Baden-Baden on Saturday (for a total of 150km) and from Baden-Baden to Mulhouse on Sunday (for a total of 187km and 2247m of climbing).

The ride took the Grand Tour cyclists through forest and farmland and then to several _79D4307beautiful villages and towns across Germany and France.

Saturday marked the end of Stage 1 of the tour, and it was already hard for the team as a whole to see some of the stage riders leave. You can check a few pictures of the past 2 days here in this post. You can also go to TeamBG’s website for the wrap-up of day 3 & 4.

_79D3523Today the riders will continue their long haul to Barcelona for Day 5 of the tour, cycling from Mulhouse all the way to Pontarlier for a total of 185km and 1937m of climbing, proving once again anything is possible when you live with diabetes!


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