Day 8: Voreppe to Bourg Saint Andreal

_E5A6339Back on the road again after their rest day, the team rode 182km and climbed a total of 2340m through the Alps and down to the Rhône valley from Voreppe to Bourg Saint Andreal.

The route took the riders through some small villages, most notably the small town of ‘Crest’ – a place notable for having one of the highest medieval keeps in France. The tour took on a Provancale feel as it neared Pierrelatte – a stone’s throw from Bourg Saint Andeal.

The team continued to raise awareness of diabetes powering through mountain roads and small villages.

After the ride the team enjoyed a good massage to release any knots and ease tense_E5A6586 muscles. You can tell how much they enjoyed it by Paul’s face here on the right!

Day 8 was also time from celebration as TeamBG riders Simon Picking and Pierre-Louis Verot celebrated their birthday on the tour – certainly one they’re going to remember for years!You can find out more about the riders’ adventures on TeamBG’s website.


Pierre-Louis & Simon’s birthday celebration



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