Day 11: From Castres to Ax-Les-Thermes

Day 11 3Yesterday the mHealth Grand Tour riders cycled along part of the route of Stage 8 of this year’s Tour de France.

After living Castres, riders headed into Carcassonne to pass the medieval city, which allowed for some sightseeing. The day ended in Ax-Les-Thermes after a total of 175km and 2371m of climb cycled.

The team is now getting closer and closer to the arrival in Barcelona with today the penultimate day of the mHealth Grand Tour! It will be one of the hardest though, with several tricky climbs as soon as riders leave Ax-Les-Thermes to finally enter Spain Day 11 2towards the end of the Day in Berga. Enthusiastic riders even drew a outline on the Tour van (here on the right). Statitics of the day: 182km and an impressive 3974m of climbing! Go IDF Europe & TeamBG riders!


Day 11


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