Day 12: From Castres to Berga

GT Day 12.2 Katie GallagherYesterday was the penultimate day of the mHealth Grand Tour – and what a day! By far the toughest leg of the whole tour, the team took on the Pyrenees and won!

The very first climb was over Col de Pailhèresa non-stop climb of 1000m! Riders dug deep and climbed their way above the clouds to views that very few of us will ever have the privilege of seeing. Here you can see Katie Gallagher, IDF Europe & TeamBG rider battle her way with admirable determination reach the top of the Col!  At 2001m it is the second highest peak of the Pyrenees.

Beyond that, the team then made their way across the Spanish border, to tackle yet another two climbs before reaching their destination in Berga.

GT Day 12.3As the riders set off for the last day of the tour, we need to remember you that Team Blood Glucose is made up entirely of keen amateur cyclists, with varying abilities. The tour is made up of many riders however, so throughout the ride, team-mates have been able to ride with others of similar ability so that they can ride at a pace that suits them.

Anybody who has taken on even a stage of the mHealth tour should feel enormously proud of their achievement!

That brings us to the last leg of the tour – the final ride into Barcelona! Thankfully the final ride will be much easier on the legs, so the team should arrive feeling relatively fresh, and able to celebrate their success in grand style! Here’s to the last ride – enjoy!


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