Why we ride

The mHealth Grand Tour is a bike ride with a cause: raising awareness of diabetes, and of the importance of healthy and active lifestyles for diabetes management and prevention. The tour also aims at showcasing how mobile health solutions can help empower people with diabetes in managing their condition.

Diabetes: a growing epidemic in Europe and around the globe

According to the latest estimates published by the International Diabetes Federation in November 2012, 371 million people currently with diabetes worldwide.
In Europe, 55 million people live with diabetes. That is 8,4% of the population. In addition, estimates indicate that an additional 21.2 million people are yet to be diagnosed. Europe is also home to the highest number of children with type 1 diabetes.

In Europe, diabetes is ranked amongst the leading cause of serious complications including blindness, kidney failure, lower limb amputation and stroke. Along with the human suffering from these devastating complications comes an increasingly heavy economic burden. Costs include those for healthcare as well as economic costs to the wider society in loss of productivity, early retirement and associated lost opportunities for economic development.

In the meantime, Europe is facing an increasing obesity epidemic. Causes range from poor eating habits to lack of physical activity. Obesity is an important risk-factor for the development of diabetes.

In this context, it is crucial to promote a healthy attitude towards food and physical activity, and raise awareness of diabetes. This is why IDF Europe is a partner of the mHealth Grand Tour. Together with all the stakeholders involved in this extraordinary experience, we want to spread the word and make a difference for people living with diabetes.


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