Last day: from Berga to Barcelona

Finally, the arrival in Barcelona after 2,100km of cycling! source @MobileWorldCapital

Finally, the arrival in Barcelona after 2,100km of cycling! source @MobileWorldCapital

They made it! Riders of the mHealth Grand Tour are arriving in Barcelona as we write these words!

We would like to congratulate all of the riders who took part in this extraordinary challenge, and all the people who have worked on the tour for more than a year to make it happen.

Special congratulations to TeamBG riders, who have shown that anyone with diabetes can take over a great sporting challenge! We’d also like to congratulate our very own IDF Europe riders, Sophie and Katie.

We will be posting more photos of the arrival shortly. You can follow live updates via our Facebook page and Twitter @IDFEuropeBxl


Day 12: From Castres to Berga

GT Day 12.2 Katie GallagherYesterday was the penultimate day of the mHealth Grand Tour – and what a day! By far the toughest leg of the whole tour, the team took on the Pyrenees and won!

The very first climb was over Col de Pailhèresa non-stop climb of 1000m! Riders dug deep and climbed their way above the clouds to views that very few of us will ever have the privilege of seeing. Here you can see Katie Gallagher, IDF Europe & TeamBG rider battle her way with admirable determination reach the top of the Col!  At 2001m it is the second highest peak of the Pyrenees.

Beyond that, the team then made their way across the Spanish border, to tackle yet another two climbs before reaching their destination in Berga.

GT Day 12.3As the riders set off for the last day of the tour, we need to remember you that Team Blood Glucose is made up entirely of keen amateur cyclists, with varying abilities. The tour is made up of many riders however, so throughout the ride, team-mates have been able to ride with others of similar ability so that they can ride at a pace that suits them.

Anybody who has taken on even a stage of the mHealth tour should feel enormously proud of their achievement!

That brings us to the last leg of the tour – the final ride into Barcelona! Thankfully the final ride will be much easier on the legs, so the team should arrive feeling relatively fresh, and able to celebrate their success in grand style! Here’s to the last ride – enjoy!

Day 11: From Castres to Ax-Les-Thermes

Day 11 3Yesterday the mHealth Grand Tour riders cycled along part of the route of Stage 8 of this year’s Tour de France.

After living Castres, riders headed into Carcassonne to pass the medieval city, which allowed for some sightseeing. The day ended in Ax-Les-Thermes after a total of 175km and 2371m of climb cycled.

The team is now getting closer and closer to the arrival in Barcelona with today the penultimate day of the mHealth Grand Tour! It will be one of the hardest though, with several tricky climbs as soon as riders leave Ax-Les-Thermes to finally enter Spain Day 11 2towards the end of the Day in Berga. Enthusiastic riders even drew a outline on the Tour van (here on the right). Statitics of the day: 182km and an impressive 3974m of climbing! Go IDF Europe & TeamBG riders!


Day 11

Day 9 & 10: From Bourg Saint Andreal to Castres – update

_E5A6621Temperatures and excitement began to rise this Saturday as the mHealth Grand Tour riders are getting closer to their final destination: Barcelona!

Day 9 included 144km and more than 2000m of climb from Bourg Saint Andreal to Florac. Breathtaking scenery was once again on the menu _E5A6770as riders cycled their way through the Gorges de l’Ardèche

Word has spread out about the tour and the ride is getting good local news covergae. Here you can see some local tour fans who gathered to support riders.

_E5A6897_E5A7172On Sunday – Day 10 – the rain was back again for the last ride of stage 3 from Florac to Castres. The riders pedalled their way through several tricky climbs, including the Col de Perjuret, and got a reminder when arriving in Castres of their extraordinary achievement: another very famous bike ride – none other than the Tour de France – also passed through Castres in 2013. _E5A7223

Today the team will bike their way to Ax-Les-Thermes, following more of this year’s Tour de France route for the last stage of the ride. mHealth Grand Tour riders are only 500km away from Barcelona now!

Day 8: Voreppe to Bourg Saint Andreal

_E5A6339Back on the road again after their rest day, the team rode 182km and climbed a total of 2340m through the Alps and down to the Rhône valley from Voreppe to Bourg Saint Andreal.

The route took the riders through some small villages, most notably the small town of ‘Crest’ – a place notable for having one of the highest medieval keeps in France. The tour took on a Provancale feel as it neared Pierrelatte – a stone’s throw from Bourg Saint Andeal.

The team continued to raise awareness of diabetes powering through mountain roads and small villages.

After the ride the team enjoyed a good massage to release any knots and ease tense_E5A6586 muscles. You can tell how much they enjoyed it by Paul’s face here on the right!

Day 8 was also time from celebration as TeamBG riders Simon Picking and Pierre-Louis Verot celebrated their birthday on the tour – certainly one they’re going to remember for years!You can find out more about the riders’ adventures on TeamBG’s website.


Pierre-Louis & Simon’s birthday celebration


Day 7: Annecy to Voreppe

_79D5275Breathtaking scenery, a hard climb, cold weather and warm support were on the menu of Day 7 of the mHealth Grand Tour as riders where cycling their way across the French Alps to Voreppe.

As they arrived for their lunch stop in Chambéry, riders received a warm welcome from a crowd of more than 200 supporters including representatives from the local _E5A5594French diabetes association, the mayor’s office and French national TV. Here on the left you can see a photo taken at the lunch stop with team riders and representatives from the local French diabetes associations.

Kyle Jacques Rose, former professional cyclist for Team Type 1, also joined the riders for the afternoon. One of the hardest climbs of the tour was waiting for our dear _E5A5409riders, the “Cold du Semnoz”, which was climbed earlier this year by cyclists taking part in the Tour de France.

Once again, TeamBG riders powered through, showing that people with diabetes can take over any climb, be it from the Tour de France or not!

After this great physical effort, tour riders will enjoy a well deserved rest day today in Voreppe.


Katie cycling her way across the French Alps


The famous Col du Semnoz at the end of Day 7

Day 6: from Pontarlier to Annecy

_79D4980Day 6 started under hard rain, strong wind and cold weather for mHealth Grand Tour riders. Bad weather conditions did not stop the amazing cyslists’ teams powering through the 172km and 1895m of climbing they had to face yesterday.

_E5A5037Once again, the route did not dissappoint, with wonderful landscapes and a bit of fun passing through an ski resort. You can check more photos of the riders’ adventures on TeamBG’s website.

Today the team is up for a short ride, but not necessarily an easy one: the route will end with one of the Tour de France’s most famoust passes, the “Col du Semnoz”! Send your support to TeamBG, IDF Europe and all mHealth Grand Tour riders!_E5A5229